Monday, October 18, 2010

Rusty Rave Monday

Happy Birthday to me! Here's more fabulous finds that I unearthed this week to celebrate being a year older, I'm getting up there, but suffice it to say, I have another year until I hit the "big one" (I'm not telling which "big one", but I hope my husband appreciates just how little he spent for my gifts)!

We must have one of the best Goodwill's in the State, in our area of town! I am always finding like new, or actually new items there all the time. This little gem still had the Hallmark tag on it and I just thought it was adorable. This could be very cute in a guest room or a bathroom...lot's of possibilities!

Okay, so, how cool is this? I have been looking at these vintage seltzer bottles and have seen them for $30 or more, and found this one on eBay for a steal ($3 plus shipping)!

I love the nifty little insignia etched into the glass, and it still has a bit of seltzer water left in it after all these years(?).

Do you remember my little vintage plate rack from last week? I love to collect dessert plates and wanted more to add to it. As we were walking into Goodwill, I was telling my "thrifting" companion just that, then walked right up to the dishware shelf, and there they were, 6 of these matching plates, stacked and sitting right there just for me...and only 69 cents each! I couldn't believe my amazing luck. They are one of my favorite colors, they are in perfect condition, and, well, I just absolutely love them.

I am going to get some good use out of these all over the house.

Now, here are the treasures that need a little TLC but have great potential:

A sweet little (real wood!) corner shelf...I am going to have to paint it white and distress it, of course, and it WILL be fabulous!

I love architectural elements so couldn't pass this up. This will definitely need to be painted white, as well, and I have the perfect spot for it.

I'm excited!!! Happy treasure hunting for your special day...


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