Friday, March 9, 2012

Plum Perfect Friday - Further Facelift Finery

So here is my refashioned Armoire (that's Ticking Stripe fabric) in the family room makeover.

I am loving the new paint color so-ooo much, it makes such a huge difference...

(Just for side-by-side comparison.)

I moved my family wall (minus a photo, it's still in the works) in there as well and added some wall words.

I took the phrase from my sister, Michele, who also has it on her family room wall. She lives in another state, though, so it's okay!

Then, of course, I needed a new window treatment in the dining put together one from an antique table cloth that I had found at a garage sale about a year ago.

...Adore the vintage, handmade lace!

The room feels so much less complicated and brighter!

Some of my newly found treasures in a fun vingette. I'm also into old music sheets and have been using them here and there...
What do you think? With or without the lamp on the right?

More treasures and a vintage photograph of my mother as a teenager as well as my rosette sphere that I became mortally wounded in the making.

A pile of old books and a little bit of whimsy (I love bunnies)!

I have a fondness for antique bottles and tarnished silver, and like the way it goes with the black.

This was a thrilling aquisition! I have been looking for an old street sign and this one was a perfect find from a small antique store that I happened upon! I googled the street name, and found it, most likely, to be from Schenectady, NY. Cool!

A cute shelf vingette with more tarnished lovliness, to steer the eye away from an unsightly doorbell/intercom.

Just like the rag balls and more vintage music. I found the antique furniture carving several months ago and finally found a home for it!

This will be a continual work in progress...because, of course, changes become a domino effect. I will have to repaint some furniture pieces now! Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoy the evolution!