Monday, February 4, 2013

Rusty Rave Monday - Polished-Off Projects

It's been a long while...Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and coming up on Valentines Day, already.  Well, how time flies...

Christmas was awesome!  I flew my Son, his wife and my granddaughter out for the week.  It was the best present ever for everyone in our family!  Then I flew to Calgary to be with my husband for a week until New Years, and my husband and I just got back from a business trip in Newport Beach last week...busy!


It has been in my plans to make a Valentine's Day bunting, but I hadn't gotten to it yet.  It may not have happened at all, were it not for my oldest daughter...she came for a visit this last weekend and brought the supplies to make them.  She and I hadn't even discussed it, but just must have been on the same wave length.  Cool, I can check that one off!

 Anyway, I hope you have a happy one!  I probably won't be posting again before then, I've got so much in the life is crazy and unsettled, but I guess, I wouldn't want it any other way!

Also, here's my finished, $5, rickety, vintage ladder, that I was excited about in my last post.  

I tried home-made chalk paint and painted-over-the-paint in seafoam green, with a dry brush to get the blotchy coverage.  I love how it turned out...just what I had pictured in my mind.  Now on to the next big thing!