Monday, March 21, 2011

Rusty Rave Monday - Room Revision Launch

Since my daughter, Kaitlin, began dating her fiancee she has been coming home every weekend because his family lives in the same part of town as I do. Kaitlin goes to ASU which is in the east valley, and Reggie works in the east valley, so they both stay on that side of town during the week, then travel back over here for the weekend. It has been wonderful to have my baby back so often, and, of course, I am absolutely loving it! (It couldn't have worked out better for me!) As a result, it is now necessary to get a room in order for her, hence the room revision! (It's always fun to have a reason to redecorate, right?) Therefore, I am on a mission to get it all spruced up for her...

Time to hit some garage sales, so this weekend I began my quest, and found this pretty chest of drawers for $15...(another fantastic deal that came my way)! It is very sturdy and built well. All I had to do were some minor repairs and then "distress" it up a bit more.

(I love the bun feet.)

I liked the existing drawer pulls that were still attached and in good condition, so I just got a new handle and painted it to match the finish of the ones that "survived". I like the look and think it adds some interest to the chest.

I got this table in December, and had it sitting in the garage patiently waiting for some attention, so I worked on it...

I painted it white,

then off-white,

and tried a different finish than I have done before.

Kind of a whitewash over white...

then a clear coat.

The room has a way to go, but these pieces give it a start!

Have a remarkable Rusty Rave Monday...