Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vintage Hook Shelf

I saw this in Country Living Magazine, and got the idea from Sweet Savannah's blog and resolved to make my own version of the two.

Here are the pieces that I had cut at Home Depot. They can be as long or as short as you like, mine is 30 inches long, but I am going to make several different lengths.

You need a wood plank and some molding of your choice.

Then glue and clamp the pieces in place.

Let dry for an hour or so, then if you want to make it look like it is all one piece, you can caulk the seams. If you want a more vintage look, don't even worry about that step! I decided to go ahead and caulk all the seams.

Sand, distress, paint, then maybe distress some more!

I think I'm going to add hooks, but the clothespin idea could be cute too, or cute drawer pulls might be an idea, as well...(I saw some at Anthropologie) hmmmmm, so many options, so little time! I'm going shopping for the remaining stay tuned for the completed project!