Friday, July 20, 2012

Plum Perfect Friday - Crafted Characters or Significant Signs

I was inspired, by the following BHG photo, to make this vintage looking sign, so I went to our local Safeway to check the dumpster area for an old pallet.

The perfectly wonderful, shabby pallet.

An example of what my piece looked like before I painted it.  (Forgot to get a picture.)

After sanding the coat of paint.

I followed this easy tutorial from Homespun Happenings and printed my letters, then colored the back of the sheet of paper with charcoal pencils.

Traced them onto the board,

then began outlining,

and filling in the letters with a paint pen.


...that I'm gonna make more!

After more sanding to shabby up the letters.

It only took a few hours to make!


Here is another one I whipped up last week for our house in CanadaThis one was made with vinyl lettering...still easy, but not near as CHEAP!

Have I ever written that I get a thrill from getting a bargain?   See ya next time...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Rusty Rave Monday - Winning Walls

For the ON-GOING transformation of my current redecorating, I just "go shopping" in my home, and use items that I already have.  (I do that A LOT!)  The shelf was moved from my bedroom and I gathered together some of my silver creamers and vintage linens.  Added a collection of white buttons, and an old paperback bundle.  The silver tray is a family heirloom that was my mother's.
This is a vintage wedding portrait of my mother.  I sandwiched it between two pieces of glass in order to view the damaged corners and show the age of the photograph.  (She would be pleased!)

Another family wall in the makes the thermostat control almost disappear, or at least, look like an additional element in the collage!

Love, love, speckled eggs...found more images from The Graphics Fairy...printed them up, painted some old frames and viola!

Off to do another see ya next time!