Friday, June 17, 2011

Plum Perfect Friday - Pretty Publications, "Novel" Novels, OR Bodacious Books!

Here's a little project that I have had in mind for a while now...I saw these fabric covered, and coverless books at Restoration Hardware, and thought they were very cool!

Obviously the coverless paperbacks are easy to recreate, but here's my take on making the fabric covered ones, (I got a little help from the DIY Maven, if you want to check her tutorial out...)

I found 5 of the same book for a $1 at The Habitat for Humanity ReStore! First ya gotta cut the spine from the cover with an Exacto Knife. It was necessary to paint my books white because my fabric was fairly see-through, so I did the edges first.

(Sorry, Nathan...)

After they all dried, I painted on the Modge Podge,

centered it on the fabric,

turned it over, smoothed it out, then pushed in the creases on the spine.

Cut the corners.

More Modge Podge...

Glue the spine back in place,

More creasing and, then viola, your done!

It took me about an hour from start to finish, and I did 5 books. Pretty quick and easy...I WILL be making more of these, they are such good decorative embellishments for vinettes!

Here's to discounted design!