Friday, November 5, 2010

Plum Perfect Friday - Vintage Hook Shelf Completion

Remember my "Awesome Assembly" Vintage Hook Shelf post from way back in July?

Well...I have finally gotten this little beauty totally completed! There were several issues to contend with along the way, such as my drill becoming inoperative, travel and more travel, my son's wedding, etc, so that's why it took so darn long...But, I got the bugs worked out and here's the newest addition to my shelf collection.

I thoroughly love the way mine turned out and will be making a bunch more for gifts, etc. Hobby Lobby has a lot of fabulous knobs to choose from [at very reasonable prices] so I can make them all unique, personalized and one's for my bathroom remodel!

Who knows, maybe I'll do one up for a giveway!!!! So check back soon!


Now it's your turn to post some of your Plum Perfect Projects!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Love Shelves!

I have them all over the house...I probably have too many, but it's one of my fetishes. There can be cute little vingette's to personalize a room, show off collections, or to add color, texture or interest. Once again, some of my favorite things are architectural elements and moulding, so this, somewhat, satisfies my craving for crown or wainscoting in a rental home!

Living Room.

Dining Room.



Family Room.

In one of the Bathrooms.

My daughter's bedroom.

My bedroom.

I just refinished this one and really like the way it turned out.



Monday, November 1, 2010

Rusty Rave Monday

Last week I just HAD to make a trip to Hobby Lobby because they were having a 50% off sale on decorative knobs, and I needed some for my daughter's bedroom, and other projects that I am working on. I found the knobs I needed but I also found that this ornamental header was on sale for 50% off, as well! (I had seen it on a previous shopping excursion and had fallen in love with it...another lucky score!)

I didn't know exactly where I would put it, but knew that I would find a place...I love the way it looks over my heritage wall of family photographs and think that it completes the whole grouping perfectly.

I recently found this little cutie when I went to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada with my husband. I have, now, decided to redecorate my master bath in a bit of a french motif, and want to do a lot of black and white.

So, I am also going to make one on my hook shelves that I blogged about in July, and use these knobs that I also picked up at the Hobby Lobby to add a bit of whimsy!

I also bought these knobs because I really liked them, but haven't quite decided what I might do with them yet.

I also want to frame some of these cute frenchy prints that I found over at the Graphics Fairy's blog. Fun, fun, fun!

As usual, it will be a "work in progress" so I'll just keep you updated as I go! Have a fabulous Rusty Rave Monday!


Okay now it's your turn, another Monday has come and I would love it, if you would post your "Rusty Rave Monday" discoveries to my Linky Tools Party! (Note: Since I posted this entry so late in the day, I have extended it until tomorrow at 11:59 p.m. Thanks!)