Friday, December 17, 2010

Plum Perfect Friday - Deck the Halls!

I have been counting down the days, and looking so forward to this week, for my oldest daughter, Kaitlin, to come for Christmas this year! I left a lot of the decorating undone in anticipation of her assistance. Sometimes ya just need a fresh young mind to play off it is so much more enjoyable than doing it all yourself! AND, she is pretty darn creative, in her own right!

Decorating my mostly white Christmas tree...I love this picture...they are both stunning!

What a lovely job!

We tried the nativity in a new location this year.

It was her idea to hang the silver bulbs randomly under the long shelf...I love the end result!

Attaching the glittery twigs to the picket fence was another one of Kaitlin's fabulous ideas...

Very cool!

The girl is also a skilled photographer, check out these vignette photos...

She's got a good eye,

and a good heart!

We are fond of gleaming ornaments in ,many unexpected places...

The plate rack decked out with some festive Christmas plates and bows.

I'm really liking the hurricane grouping and...

...I'm real happy with the new place for the garland! Kaitlin came up with a fantastic way to fasten it, is there anything she can't do?

The best part about it all is the time spent together, and enjoying the beauty of the season...But, I'm glad it's finally done!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Share some of the ways you have "Decked" your "Halls"!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Rusty Rave Monday - Candleholder Revamp

Time to be amazed once again...I got my hands on this FABULOUS candleholder for $1 at a garage sale last Friday. It's astounding, I know! I love the base, but right away, I knew that I was going to dispense with the black "holder" on top!

Before I bought it, I checked to see if would unscrew easily. (However, I think I would have purchased it can you go wrong with $1? I would have figured out a way to remove it, anyway!)

After I got it off, I thought it looked out of proportion, so I got the idea to add a small metal plate to the top. I had a gold, 5" diameter one on hand and just painted it, scuffed it up a bit, drilled a hole in the center...

then screwed it where the former mounting had been.

Done! I think it's much more attractive this way, and it was such an easy fix.

(I think I'm OBSESSED with searching for inexpensive objects to restyle...I really am!)

It's a great new addition to my anytime decor, but I especially like it with the Christmas trimmings...

...and it will unquestionably amuse me to discover what I can do with it after the holidays!

Now, please take the opportunity to post your raves!