Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New "Old" Treasures

A cool vintage furniture piece with a fabulous rustic, weathered top, that I found at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall. I changed out the handles and put the drawer pulls on it, then painted and added a shelf on the bottom for my white pitcher collection. Very versatile...it can go either way...which do you like?

A piece of architectural molding (probably exterior), I suspect from an old victorian home.

I thought this charming old doorknob would be from the 40's or earlier, but "1963" is stamped on the back.

I love pretty plates...Got the stand at Goodwill for a few dollars, repainted and distressed it, and found the plate at the antique store. Beautiful and very inexpensive! I am so passionate about decorating with low priced small treasures!

Another great architectural piece, the color is perfect and it is in perfect vintage shape!

I don't exactly know what I am going to do with this antiquated cabinet door yet... but it will be cool for something!


Something Special said...

I love it all Maggie, I especially love the way you added a shelf for your white pitchers. Kylee will have her baby on June 3 she is getting induced. Again I love all your cool finds. Would love to shop with you sometime at some of your favorite shops. Love Ya

Margaret Ritchie said...

Oh yea! We have to go to this fabulous antique mall together...you will absolutely love it! You can spend all day in there!

Something Special said...

Hey Sister, you have to check out my latest giveaway in honor of baby Maddox. You have to enter I would love to draw your name.

Kait said...

mom arent you glad that was my idea to put the shelf in...ahh you have such a creative daughter!

Margaret Ritchie said...

Well, my friend Felicia and I discussed the shelf idea when we saw it at the store the first time. But yes, you thought of it too...the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree...must have gotten your creativity from somewhere! Love you!