Monday, December 13, 2010

Rusty Rave Monday - Candleholder Revamp

Time to be amazed once again...I got my hands on this FABULOUS candleholder for $1 at a garage sale last Friday. It's astounding, I know! I love the base, but right away, I knew that I was going to dispense with the black "holder" on top!

Before I bought it, I checked to see if would unscrew easily. (However, I think I would have purchased it can you go wrong with $1? I would have figured out a way to remove it, anyway!)

After I got it off, I thought it looked out of proportion, so I got the idea to add a small metal plate to the top. I had a gold, 5" diameter one on hand and just painted it, scuffed it up a bit, drilled a hole in the center...

then screwed it where the former mounting had been.

Done! I think it's much more attractive this way, and it was such an easy fix.

(I think I'm OBSESSED with searching for inexpensive objects to restyle...I really am!)

It's a great new addition to my anytime decor, but I especially like it with the Christmas trimmings...

...and it will unquestionably amuse me to discover what I can do with it after the holidays!

Now, please take the opportunity to post your raves!

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