Friday, January 14, 2011

Plum Perfect Friday - Further Bathroom & Bedroom Beauties!

My decorative inspiration for my bathroom/bedroom has been "stuck" since Christmas, but the creativity is beginning to flow in these spaces, once more.

I have always been attracted to Bird-houses, birds nests, and well, just bird stuff in general! I received this bird for Christmas from my daughter...she knew that I would paint it, so she was not insulted.


I'm satisfied with this little vinette (for now...that is). In the background are vintage wedding photo's of my mother.

Speaking of that, I finally got around to painting an inexpensive frame from Goodwill to embellish another beautiful photograph of my mother that used to hang with several other vintage family photographs on my heritage wall. During the holidays, when my oldest daughter was visiting, she came up with the idea to put it in a larger frame so that it would become more of a focal point, then, to place it in a more prominent location, as well as, totally complimenting the frenchy bathroom theme.

The other photograph is a wedding picture of my son and his new bride, that I 'antiqued'. I am now thoroughly satisfied with that area.

More nesting in the bedroom...then, I saved one of the best things for (almost) last...

I found this idea over at the Frosted Gardner, a book wreath that I worked on all day so that I could blog about it! Fun, huh?

Last, by definitely not least...I covered the chair and ottomon in the bedroom with old sheets. I don't have a before picture, but trust me, it's certainly an improvement. Yay!

I am lovin' this cute chair now!



sissie said...

Everything is looking very pretty in your home. I do love your vingettes and the photo of your Mother.

I wouldn't mind cozing up in the sweet cushy white chair.


Robin said...

I love the gold in your room with all that white and black. Makes me want to re do one of the rooms I just finished. Beautiful and tastefully done!

Ellen said...

I love what you have done and especially the wreath. I'd blog about it too!! Great job!