Friday, May 20, 2011

Plum Perfect Friday - Going Glaze Happy!

I have been wanting to try the glazing thing for a long time so finally got started one day a couple of weeks ago and just could not stop! Check out the projects my daughter, Kaitlin and I did all in one day.

The first project to practice and learn on was frame with cute detail that I had painted white.

I love the way it turned out, so-ooo I had to do more...

Remember this cool old silverware chest that I painted white,

it really enhances the nice details.

This is a before picture of the mirror and hearth at Christmastime.

After seeing me in action, my daughter wanted to get in on the action and try it too,

so she began helping me glaze.

After doing the mirror and putting it with the hearth we just had to make them match! We added the scrollie detail and

she started in on the biggest project!

Turned out great and looks so much better.

Then, Kaitlin wanted to do a shelf for her room...

And finally a cute sconce!

I think I have a new found passion...there's bound to be more projects on the way. Happy Glazing!

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sissie said...

I love what glazing does for a paint project. I just finished a side table for my dining room and finished off the paint with a glaze. I hope to show it on my blog tomorrow evening.

Love how your projects turned out.