Monday, June 6, 2011

Rusty Rave Monday - Stepping Up the Stools!

I found both bar stools at Goodwill for under $25 about two years ago, and hadn't figured out a use for them until it donned on me, recently, that they would be perfect in my current home office makeover! With my oldest daughter moving back in, we had to make some rearrangements in accommodations, which opened up a "can of worms" (as, I found, this kind of thing usually does...) thus, the need for the overhaul!

They were in perfect condition, but I really just needed them to be white!

I gave in, and masked them, (I hate to mask!) and did my "thang"...

...and they are perfect for my new craft/sewing table!

I'll be really glad when this room is done! I am tired of not being able to completely function in there. More to come...

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Something Special said...

I am completely jealous of your stools, they would look great in my studio too! You are so lucky to live where there is so many great sales!