Monday, July 23, 2012

Rusty Rave Monday - Awesome Aquisitions to Historic Heirlooms

My ever evolving Garden Room.  I love green and white with a touch of lavender...
M has always been a very important letter in my life...First and foremost, it stands for Margaret!  ...Also, Mom, MacCabe (my maiden name),  Merry and, M & M's!  When I saw this metal letter I was thrilled, and it was the perfect color, as well!
I'm all about "birdy" things!  (Eggs, nests, houses, etc., etc.)
Little shelf displays are everywhere in my decor...couldn't resist that little green plaque.

A fabulous framed metal grate!

I have been looking for a vintage christening dress for a long time and finally happened upon this perfect little gem.

The fabric is a very sheer, lightweight cotton with exceptional hand stitching and embroidery.


Aren't these darling sleeves.

I have never seen a lamp like is so sensationally shabby, and has just the right color of green peeking through the white.

Fantastic base, right?!

Antique aqua bottles...what more can I say?



Something Special said...

Hi Maggie, I love your stuff. Isn't it cool how things can continually evolve. I hope you got to see my new stuff in my studio.

Something Special said...

Yes, I took a closer look at the base of that lamp. I got a unique lamp too, at a sale and redid it and it is in my living room now. I am just about to do a post about it!