Monday, February 8, 2010

The Evolution of a Master Bedroom

Okay, so I had plain white walls (boring) and I got free paint so I used it! Not the color I would choose, but it's much better than stark white. After I painted, my old bedroom set didn't look very good in there anymore, plus I really didn't like the style. It was hand-me-down furniture that I had when I was married to my former spouse...not so as you might have guessed, I have wanted to get rid of it for awhile now. Therefore, I sold it through a local consignment store, and started a bed fund. I then had a garage sale to add to the fund, and then when I got the commission from my first home sale, I was able to complete the fund in order to purchase the bed of my "dreams" (pun intended)...something I really love! I plan on getting some of the other matching pieces to the bedroom set, little by little, as I save some more dollars.

With the new paint before the new bed:

After the new bed:

I refinished a cute ladderback chair that I purchased for $4! I love finding inexpensive treasures that I can re-vamp!

My Heritage wall above where the dresser will go!

Now here's the dresser:

I'm using a console for the time-being.

A new addition of an ornamental header completes the wall.

An anniversary gift for my husband! (The saying is true for us...a perfect mantra for our marriage!)

Keep checking back for the ongoing transformation...


Something Special said...

Looks great Maggie, Hey this is a super idea. we should corraborate (sp) I have a following now to my Something Special. I will post some stuff and eventually be able to put your button up on my creative blog. Let's talk! I will email you. I could even make some stuff for you to sell on your site too. Exciting.

Trent & Tara said...

Looks good. Hope your family is well, and happy. Thanks for letting me know about your new blog!