Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vintage Hook Shelf

I saw this in Country Living Magazine, and got the idea from Sweet Savannah's blog and resolved to make my own version of the two.

Here are the pieces that I had cut at Home Depot. They can be as long or as short as you like, mine is 30 inches long, but I am going to make several different lengths.

You need a wood plank and some molding of your choice.

Then glue and clamp the pieces in place.

Let dry for an hour or so, then if you want to make it look like it is all one piece, you can caulk the seams. If you want a more vintage look, don't even worry about that step! I decided to go ahead and caulk all the seams.

Sand, distress, paint, then maybe distress some more!

I think I'm going to add hooks, but the clothespin idea could be cute too, or cute drawer pulls might be an idea, as well...(I saw some at Anthropologie) hmmmmm, so many options, so little time! I'm going shopping for the remaining stay tuned for the completed project!



Hi there.

New to your blog! I too just joined the sorority and I'm making my rounds visiting all the sisters...whew!!! I started in the middle--hehe, that's how I came apon your blog so soon.

Okay you made this vintage shelf business look incredible--and super easy. I think I'll have to give this a try. I just recently started yard sale-ing and painting furniture--I'd show you but haven't finished one darn piece yet---I have a lot of almost "afters" on my blog!!!

If you get the chance come on over and see my rush item...

Scrapping With Sherry said...

You do a wonderful job with furniture! I have a few pieces that I am wanting to distress. I started off doing my craft room with white furniture and now want the distressed look. Any tips?

I came here today to introduce myself. My name is Sherry, and I am one of the new Bloggerette Sorority Sisters. I have only been blogging for a few weeks so I missed the rush, but am excited to take part in all the fun! I would be honored if you would come for a visit at my blog

Take Care~ Sherry

Scrapping With Sherry said...

Came by to check out your Rusty Plum Giveaway and say Thank you for visiting my blog!

I clicked on the link and wanted to leave a comment to enter but I could not find where to leave a comment... Probably in a really easy place and I am missing it. But honestly I then I have missed it several times!!! Help!!

~Sherry F.

Delcie Wardrop said...

Love this coat rack,peg, shelf idea- might have a go at it myself! Love the little candle holder on top of the peg one. Can't wait to see your finished product. Will have to become a follower so I can find you and check back.

Something Special said...

Bravo Sis, I think I will copy that one for sure. Check out my blog to see what I sent and recieved for the Christmas in July swap!

sandy said...

I'm a Bloggerette Sister still making the rounds. But I just looked at your first post here and love your shelf idea.
I also saw your Give-Away....Count me in and I'll be following!