Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Love Shelves!

I have them all over the house...I probably have too many, but it's one of my fetishes. There can be cute little vingette's to personalize a room, show off collections, or to add color, texture or interest. Once again, some of my favorite things are architectural elements and moulding, so this, somewhat, satisfies my craving for crown or wainscoting in a rental home!

Living Room.

Dining Room.



Family Room.

In one of the Bathrooms.

My daughter's bedroom.

My bedroom.

I just refinished this one and really like the way it turned out.




Kait said...

you can never have too many shelves! i love the corner one, its so striking!

Something Special said...

I love all your little shelves. You really have some awesome ones. I have always liked shelves too. Maybe I should do a post about all my little shelves. I don't have as many as you do, but when I started thinking about it, I think I just about have one in every room too! Love ya