Friday, November 5, 2010

Plum Perfect Friday - Vintage Hook Shelf Completion

Remember my "Awesome Assembly" Vintage Hook Shelf post from way back in July?

Well...I have finally gotten this little beauty totally completed! There were several issues to contend with along the way, such as my drill becoming inoperative, travel and more travel, my son's wedding, etc, so that's why it took so darn long...But, I got the bugs worked out and here's the newest addition to my shelf collection.

I thoroughly love the way mine turned out and will be making a bunch more for gifts, etc. Hobby Lobby has a lot of fabulous knobs to choose from [at very reasonable prices] so I can make them all unique, personalized and one's for my bathroom remodel!

Who knows, maybe I'll do one up for a giveway!!!! So check back soon!


Now it's your turn to post some of your Plum Perfect Projects!!

1 comment:

Kait said...

LOVE IT! make me one? haha