Friday, November 19, 2010

Plum Perfect Friday - Bathroom Beauties!

A garage sale table makeover!

Found the knobs, once again, at Hobby Lobby, aren't they spectacular! Love this piece so much more in a distressed fashion.

Remember, it's always a work in progress, so it will most likely look different when I get the whole thing completed, but it's just fun to change it up on a regular basis. I'm constantly going " accessory shopping" in my own home to change the look in a particular area or gives me pleasure, and makes life interesting.

In another area, I added a shelf that I refinished. I found the cute little silver frame at a swap meet for a quarter! Woo hoo! I already had the other frame, but it was just a plain off-white so I used a background stamp to add the lace motif, and added the picture of the Eiffel Tower.

Why don't you post some of your achievements from the week...would love to see them!

Have a Plum Perfect Friday!


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Something Special said...

congratulations Maggie, That sounds super about the new job. I love your Plum perfect project.