Monday, February 7, 2011

Rusty Rave Monday - Settled Sitting Room and A "Something Special" Birthday!

I'm EXCITED!!! Michele, (from Something Special), my fabulously creative sister, is coming to visit! I feel so honored and privileged that it's her birthday and she wants to spend some of it with me! We plan on going thrifting, lunching and celebrating for a whole day!

I am looking so forward to her being here, and perhaps giving me some decorating tips, lending a fresh perspective with some areas in my home that I'm stuck on, and/or just validating what I have already done, as well. So in preparation for her arrival, I finally settled on some changes in the front sitting room.

After. It's a little less cluttered and simple.

The before pic...lots of stuff, but I loved it at Christmastime.

Moved one of the two tables that I had here and added some varying levels to the one with my cute photo box.

Got the idea to stack some quilts on the new white suitcase and vintage silverware chest. It's kinda fun (for now)!

I love decorating with them.

The quilts that were covering these chairs got rotated, so now there is less "going on" and it's not in competition with every thing else in the room.

Now, go have a great day with your sister!


Something Special said...

You are such a wonderful sister. We are getting ready to blast off. I am so happy to have a little trip with Todd too. See you on Saturday. I am seeing many ideas at your house that I am sure I will want to try too. Love that room.

Miss Gracie's House said...

Have a GREAT time with your sister...that is a true blessing!
Thanks for the visit to my was fun to come on over here, too.