Thursday, February 2, 2012

Plum Perfect Friday - Hindered Headway...

I have come to a bit of a standstill on my Family Room Redo, because I have yet to paint! It's going to be a large project and I have been dragging my feet somewhat...
Picture these walls beige and imagine some of my new vingette's with a different backdrop. I plan on getting to it next week and putting it all together! IT's gonna look so-ooo good when it's finished, I can't wait!!!! That will be a glorious post!

This is a craft project that I have wanted to do for awhile and was going to teach myself from a tutorial, however, my daughter came home from a church craft day last weekend, where she was taught to make the rolled fabric roses, and then showed me how! It was another time consuming little project, AND I got attacked by my glue gun, and sustained a painful injury! (But, I think that it was well worth it, I adore my "romantic rose" sphere.)


Another cute little shelf to put somewhere...with some of my newest antiquities!

Love the vintage lace doily!

I am also making some more little sphere's to hang around the house in other rooms...

as well as a pillow with the embellished beauties!

I found some old napkins at Habitat for Humanity that had been donated from a catering company--really cool! I 'm gonna stencil some too...should be fabulous!

Check back for the unveiling of a beautiful new room!


Something Special said...

Oh, hi there Maggie, I love your rosette balls. I just got finished with making 160 of those rosettes, only smaller versions for Kendra's big order for Zulily and her Etsy shop. I also am completing 60 cute toddler belts. Almost done, and have been working on this for about and entire month.

Something Special said...

ouch that is a nasty glue gun burn. I can say that all the hot gluing I have been doing I have been burned once. (knock on wood!)