Friday, April 13, 2012

Plum Perfect Friday - Family, Finishing, Frills and Finds

I got the absolute BEST surprise of my life on March son, daughter-in-law and grandbaby, who live in Texas, showed up on my doorstep for an extended visit!

In their Easter finery last Sunday...aren't they all just beautiful???

Celebrating with the rest of my children, minus my oldest daughter. (Missing her!)

Due to the recent family room makeover, the bookshelf needed a black facelift. I began this project before my son and family arrived, however, needless to say, my efforts were forestalled for a period of time, as a result of their visit, as well as the fact that everyone currently residing in my household (except the baby) has been afflicted with a horrible stomach flu!


(I am so DONE with that green!)

Got the black paint on and it's lookin' better, but I now still need to distress the finish. At least with all the time that has passed, it has given the paint a chance to really cure. I'm really looking forward to having this done so that I can get all my dishware off the floor! I will definitely post a picture of the completed project.

I also started a gallery wall in my's a work in progress, and I still gotta make a window treatment in there... man, so much to do!

I like the idea of ribbon and lace, but think I need a prettier container--like I said...

On a whim, one day, I painted and stamped some boxes to conceal all my little un-mentionables.

(French label courtesy of The Graphics Fairy)

Love rag balls.

And last by not least, LOVE this extremely inexpensive vintage strainer that I happened upon at a thrift store. If this would have been at an antique mall, it most likely would have been a lot more pricey! Did I say that I LOVE it? This is another piece that will be so versatile...for now I will probably fill it with more rag balls.

Just thought I would catch up a bit, things will settle down again next week, when the Texas family head back to their neck of the woods...bummer! I will sorely miss them, but will hopefully get up their way during the summer!

Hope you and yours had a beautiful Easter together!


Something Special said...

It is so good to see your children together Maggie. Yes, only missing 1 They all look happy to be together! Love what you did with your shelf!

Lisa P. said...

Oh, I could just eat your little grandbaby up. She is a doll. First cousin, once removed, right? I like the black, too.