Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Basket Swap

I was a player in the Fall Intrigues Basket Swap over at the Something Special site. http://askmichelesomethingspecial.blogspot.com

This was such a pleasure! I was paired up with someone who, like me, also lives in the valley of the sun. She is Fabric Artist and sent some beautiful things! Here is what I received:

...adorable towels and a pumpkin body sponge!

I have a passion for candles...and look at this cute oil and vinegar container!

I am totally into stamping and have a fondness for all kinds of tags, it's like she read my mind!

Some dark brown Aida cloth...I do enjoy cross-stitching and did a lot more of it back in the day when I had better eyesight! I just might have to get one of those magnifying glass thingeys that you wear on your chest, and do a project, once again! The small vintage looking napkins (serviettes as they call them in Canada) are also so very charming.

I absolutely love the apron, and it will be so fun now, and in the future, when I become a grandmother--which may now come my way sooner that I would have thought (I totally can't wait for that!).

I have had such a hectic last few weeks because of travel and my son's wedding, (I'm a brand new mother-in-law!) so I'm a little behind on all my projects. My basket to give is in the works and almost done, I just have to finish up a couple of things. My partner is out of town for a few weeks, however, so I really don't have to rush it, but do want to get it done ASAP. Here is a preview of what I am giving:

Hand-stamped cards, candle and container, hot pad, scarecrow decorations, off-white, floral pillow, small rusty watercan, and candy corn, etc., cause I've got some other goodies to add to this!

Oh and by the way, just couldn't resist posting a picture of my son and his new bride! Aren't they a lovely couple?



Something Special said...

Wow, Maggie, thanks so much for posting this. I think you got some wonderful and cute things, and I love that apron. It is pretty cool that you both live in the Phoenix area. I love love love seeing the stuff that everyone is receiving. And I love this wedding picture of Cabe and Ashley. I must get something sent to them.

Something Special said...

Maggie, it is me again. I love that oil and vinegar container. I did not know what that was. I don't normally like stuff like that but it is so retro to me. I think it is perfect for October in the kitchen. You have been so busy lately, thanks so much for being willing to participate in my swap! You Rock and I love you!