Friday, January 7, 2011

Plum Perfect Friday - Ongoing Master Bathroom Update

We have done without a towel bar and a hand towel hanger, for several weeks now, so it was high time that I completed the new mountings...SO, I did another Vintage Hook Shelf similar to the other one's that I have constructed in the past.

I have a thorough disdain for the cheap, basic, ugly fixtures that are put in tract homes these days...

truly "icky"!

This is a definite improvement, not only aesthetically, but adds ease in hanging. (The family SINCERELY dislikes the folding and hanging part!)...

...this way towels will have a better chance of actually getting hung.

Love it! A nice addition to my "frenchy vintage" theme.

After the large one was assembled, I had a portion cut off to make the hand towel version.

It is so-oo convenient!

Hope you all had a Plum Perfect holiday season!

Now, show off some of your functional ideas!

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