Friday, May 27, 2011

Plum Perfect Friday - Winsome White...'s the best! White just makes everything feel fresh and new and clean, it's bright and happy, and goes with everything! I have always been into white. I dreamed of an all-white decor even before it became "chic".

Now this is definitely "better after". I obtained it when a friend moved and wanted to throw out this adorable wicker, I mercifully took it off her hands. Of course, I was thrilled to obtain it and had the vision to spiff it up!

At the present, it has been put to good use as a fabulous laptop computer desk for my oldest daughter's bedroom! How great is that? I get a rush when re-use, recycle, re-purpose or re-do!

Now I've got some painting to do...hope you have some "winsome white" in your day, I plan to!

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Something Special said...

What a most perfectly little desk for the laptop. I love it lots! In fact, I think I am coveting it just a bit!