Friday, September 30, 2011

Plum Perfect Friday - Splendid Silver

As promised. more show and tell! I have been fortunate enough to come across some fabulous "silver" finds, along the way, throughout the summer, that I have picked up here and there. The round tray is actually a family heirloom that I have had tucked away, (for what, I don't know) so I finally got it out.

My silverware collection is pretty.

I am absolutely in love with this piece! I adore the intricate and ornate floral detail. Check it out:

I almost hated to put something in it, but I scored these vintage buttons at a garage sale and love showing them off, as well!

I didn't have to go far; this silverware was another score from a garage sale in my own neighborhood!

...And I have been able to fill in my spoon collection!

Silver, to me, isn't necessarily always in the pure form. I love the "silverish" lid on the ball jar (and love that blue glass).

The tiny forks and butter knives were an exciting acquisition.

A Goodwill trip landed me with a fabulous large serving bowl! THIS item will be so versatile...

On an excursion with my daughters, I spotted this charming creamer.

The creamer on the right, I think, is such a beautiful design.

Like, I said, silver can come in different forms. I consider these fantastic antique books to be like tarnished silver, in their age and appearance. So-oo COOL!

These pages were published in 1899, and written by Honore De Balzac, who was from France. I am thoroughly enthralled with these books!


(The house, Rue Fortunee, Paris, in which Balzac died.)

I adore things with so much history...Hope you have an historical day!


sissie said...

Thanks for sharing all of your lovely pretties. I love silver and the idea to put vintage buttons inside the piece is just perfection!


Something Special said...

Okay, Maggie, I am truly jealous of all your wonderful finds. You really have some wonderful pieces here Sis. I can't wait to see these displays in person. You really take wonderful pictures too!

Something Special said...
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